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JMIR Challenges is a new platform connecting "solution-seekers" (sponsors such as companies or other researchers) with "solution-providers" (entrants such as innovators, researchers, or developers in the ehealth space)


Gunther Eysenbach, MD, MPH, FACMI

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Partners Connected Health develops and validates technology-based solutions aimed at facilitating collaborative care, self-management, and improved quality. From ideation to implementation, our team envisions and builds innovations that facilitate collaborative care, self-management, and improved quality. Current solutions often do not meet their goals of promoting self-care due to limited integration into the clinical workflow, and low sustainability of patient, provider, and caregiver engagement. The Partners Connected Health core mission is to define the future of technology-enabled care delivery by integrating real-world patient and provider perspectives with user-centered design principles to create clear paths toward innovation. This year, we are launching the Partners Connected Health innovation challenge (CHIC), a competition geared toward finding innovative, technology-based solutions that enable care (preventive care and chronic disease management) outside of the clinic.


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